Play Couch Board Games

Grab your phone and enjoy strategic gameplay with friends without the setup, mechanics, and cleanup.

Blinkjoy: Couch Board Games

No Setup

Game setup takes too long, and the rulebook must always be consulted at least once. Blinkjoy does all the setup for you, plus each game also has a rule video to help new players.

No Cleanup

"Winner cleans up! No, losers clean up!" Enough of that. After a good game, the last thing you want to do is cleanup. With Blinkjoy games, you don't have to.

No Mechanics

The computer is the banker, the shuffler, the mover, and the tracker. Focus on your decisions, strategy, and gameplay, not counting and moving pieces.

No Mess

You know that one friend who eats Cheetos while playing games? Without any pieces, cards, or boards to ruin, they can start coming to game night again!

How to Play

Play couch board games in < 5 minutes!


Connect your TV to a web browser

It can be a computer, Google TV, Apple TV, tablet, or literally any other device with a web browser, even some TVs themselves.


Host a Game

On the TV, go to Click 'Host Game' to begin hosting.


Join the Game

Each player can now go to on their own phones. Enter your name and the game code shown on the TV screen to join the game.



After joining, players can look through available games on their phone. When you've decided, click 'Play Now' to begin the game.

Fast Play

Without the setup and mechanics, each game takes a fraction of the time it normally would. That means more playing, less waiting between turns, and better game nights.

New Games

So long as the website is up, we're building more games. We're rounding out the most common games first, and then jumping into some deeper strategy games. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Easy Access

To access the entire suite of Blinkjoy couch board games, you only need to carry your phone. Easy access means you can play games at work during lunch, play games at parties as a time filler, and more!


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